Four Gulls in one day! 🎵

Posted: February 17, 2024 in News

The day came recently to wave off Bling!

Bling arrived back in August 2023 and was released with three friends for company and support.

On arrival, Bling was very friendly towards people and came with two leg rings on which indicated he was likely to have been hand raised by a well meaning member of the public and then released. Sadly, Bling’s habituation towards people meant he was becoming a bit of a nuisance, as he has no idea how to feed himself and was at risk of being injured by those not so keen on gulls, traffic or pets. This is why its so important to get orphans to a resuce asap so that they can be cared for properly and in a way that promotes natural behaviour.

In his time with us, we have managed to wild Bling up and teach him how to be more herring gull. We are very proud of him and glad that we could get him re-released with a much better prospect of survival!

Stay safe Bling 💖

Alongside Bling we also released Berry at the same time!

Berry arrived just before Christmas, 22/12/23, with a badly bruised right foot. She was very skinny, dehydrated and found it difficult to walk or stand for long periods. Thankfully she was found by two Mousehole locals and after a short course of painkillers and some good food she healed very well. As you can see, she was very ready to leave us! Good luck Berry 🫐

The third gull of the day was Ginny!

Ginny was found by a staff member running up Raginnis Hill! After almost bringing herself to the Hospital, we got her checked over by our vet from Rosevean after suspecting she had a broken wing. Luckily, the break was on a long bone and away from any of her joints – these always have a better prospect of healing!

After just a couple of weeks, Ginny regained her flight and was not suffering any adverse symptoms from her fracture. She was not happy with us, often trying to get out of the aviary so we took her along with us on Blings’ release. After a little steer in the right direction, she took off lovely and joined a group of wild gulls just across the harbour. 🪶

Last but not least was one of our two great black-backed gulls!

Turkey (a.k.a Big Boi) had been with us since just a few days old. After recovering from bumblefoot he soon made his presence known! He was always first to the food bowl and weighed a whopping 1.9kg on release. Never a fan of flying much, we were glad to see him take off. Good luck out there 🦃