Ginny update…

Posted: February 3, 2024 in News

Ginny is enjoying her baths!

She arrived with a swelling to her wing which we began to suspect was a break to either her radius or ulna so we had her examined by our vet who confirmed a slight break was present.

She is continuing painkillers and is having her wing strapped for the majority of the day to keep it comfortable – she does not always keep her bandage on as you can see! She is a very active gull, who is loving her food. We are very hopeful she will heal in a manner that will allow her to be released in time. Breaks to long bones generally heal well when there is no joint involvement. 🪶

(Since this video, Ginny has moved to an outside aviary)

As mentioned previously, Ginny does not alway appreciate our help or her wing bandage… any ideas for a “cone of shame” for a gull… 😂