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Mousehole Wild Bird Hospital Cornwall

One of our two great black back gulls looks rather handsome today!

He is not quite ready for release yet despite weighing over 1.5kg, but continues to build up his strength in his pectoral muscles and wings week by week. You may […]

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Young gulls are very curious about things that look different or have different textures, or anything really that they can play with! ☺️ Here’s a couple of them having a […]

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Young gulls enjoying a good bath

Our youngsters love it when the bath is just filled or is filling up. Bathing is a very important part of their daily routine as it helps them to leep […]

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Thank to all our supporters

We wanted to thank everyone who donated bedding, PPE and food for our birds over the last few months. It’s been wonderful how everyone has done their bit to help […]

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Room with a view

These gulls have already found out by standing on their shelter, that they have a room with a view. To comply with DEFRA regulations the gulls’ aviaries all have full […]

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Back to Mousehole at last!

Well, after a couple of very busy days, our gulls are back at Mousehole. As you can see from the video, this particular group seem quite unfazed by the whole […]

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***Temporary Site Update***

Hello all, We are coming to the end of our stay at our temporary site in Gulval. We would like to say a big thank you to Growing Links who […]

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They grow up so quickly

We are feeling nostalgic today…… From little fluffy cuties to big feathered beasties in a matter of weeks! We love them at all stages but even we have to admit […]

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Henley the Adult Herring Gull (an unexpected guest)

Henley arrived with us at the end of August, we weren’t expecting to take in an adult gull at this stage as in order to manage our capacity we had […]

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The Arrival of Bling

Towards the end of August, 2023 several members of the public made us aware of a young gull (now named Bling), wearing a white and red ring on each leg, […]

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