On the Mend

Posted: December 20, 2023 in Uncategorized

Having had a bit of a rough time over the last couple of weeks this youngster is now enjoying her time in one of our outdoor aviaries.

She developed a limp with no obvious cause so began a course of anti-inflammatories and pain relief. Over the next few days a small lesion appeared on her foot so we called in our vets.

On assessment it was determined this was likely an abscess so we added in antibiotics to her medication schedule, hoping this would clear the infection without having to cause a surgical wound on the base of her foot- where further infection could come about.

We had to encourage her to eat as the stress of being medicated and the medication itself suppressed her appetite. This is also why her feathers look a little worse for wear as she had no desire to preen or bath.

After a week of medication, some weight loss and little improvement, we decided to remove the abscess physically and flush the wound. She obviously felt much better as within a few days she was eating again and flying around our inside room!

Her double red leg rings are so we can identify her easily without having to catch her so we can continue to monitor improvements. She also gets a germicidal barrier cream on site of the abscess to aid her foot healing. Overall its safe to say she is on the mend!