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If you have found a sick or injured bird and brought it to Mousehole Wild Bird Hospital Cornwall, our team will provide you with a reference number for the bird when you leave it in our care.

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Date admitted15/05/2024
Release date04/07/2024
Reason for admissionSwollen Left eye and old neck wound - from Rosemullion Vets
Triage findingExamined by Vil @ Rosevean on day of admission - fluoroscein used to check for ulcer eye - none found
OutcomeCleaned thoroughly Top eyelid swollen - use Maxitrol if no improvementr 18/05/2024 Maxitrol started - 20/05/2024 (evening) more lively so moved to Ajax continued drops until 26/05/2024 03/06/2024 Much improved - frustrated in aviary - cleared for release 04/06/2024 Released