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If you have found a sick or injured bird and brought it to Mousehole Wild Bird Hospital Cornwall, our team will provide you with a reference number for the bird when you leave it in our care.

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Date admitted26/06/2024
Release date29/06/2024
Reason for admission749g From Rosemullion vets - dropped wing - xrayed - no sign of fracture -had medication (Loxicom) has improved - holing wing up well but unwilling to fly. Admitted Rosemullion 18/06/24 - collected 26/06/2024
Triage findingHave requested copy of xray for our records Seems fine, had a good flap when placed in aviary - wings look even. Vet to check In main as has completed quarantine at vets
Outcome29/07/2024 Flying really well, not happy in aviary - weight 787g - made decision to soft release from here to avoid feather damage.