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If you have found a sick or injured bird and brought it to Mousehole Wild Bird Hospital Cornwall, our team will provide you with a reference number for the bird when you leave it in our care.

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Date admitted27/06/2024
Release date
Reason for admissionFell off roof, 2 other siblings who have grown much quicker than him, this one is the runt. Limp on Right leg
Triage findingLimp on Left leg, wobbly walker
Outcome27/06/24 High on toes, L leg query weakness - given Lox 28/06/24 Hardly eaten, reluctant to move - continue Lox 29/06/24 Even more reluctant to walk 30/06/24 Perhaps a litte brighter - still can't walk 01/07/24 Deteriorated - taken to Rosevean for PTS