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If you have found a sick or injured bird and brought it to Mousehole Wild Bird Hospital Cornwall, our team will provide you with a reference number for the bird when you leave it in our care.

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Date admitted15/04/2024
Release date05/06/2024
Reason for admissionWeak
Triage findingUnderweight 609g - very weak and needs waterproofing Kept and monitored by AJD for 5 days prior to arrival here on 20/04/2024 Needs to stay inside and be fed fish with piscivore inside.
Outcome30/04/24 weight 686g 20/05/24 weight 688g 02/06/2024 weight 640g - underweight but bright and alert - developing bumblefoot, discussed with vet - best option for bird to release rather than remain here and deteriorate. 05/06/24 Released