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If you have found a sick or injured bird and brought it to Mousehole Wild Bird Hospital Cornwall, our team will provide you with a reference number for the bird when you leave it in our care.

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Date admitted11/04/2024
Release date
Reason for admissionR wing drop from Cornish Paws Vets
Triage findingRight wing drop - needs strap support for a few days then try without on Lox until 15/04/24
Outcome28/04/24 no real improvement - not flying - vet to check. 29/04/24 Vet check - wing may always be dropped deformed but may still fly. Give a little more time. 10/05/24 Moved to Ajax without dressing to see if more space encourages flight 25/05/24 Graze on beak (stressing at gate putting through mesh) cleaned, is superficial - used Leucillin. 30/06/2024 Still not using wing or flying - concern more permanent damage -Zoe vet suggests xray - booked in for 02/07/24 3pm 02/07/24 - Xray at Rosevean with Zoe attending - bony and soft tissue changes which are stopping full recovery of wing at shoulder - decision to pts on welfare grounds.