Guillemots galore!

Posted: March 12, 2024 in News

Last week we welcomed two more Guillemots to the Hospital from Ash Rescue Centre.

One bird was found beached and weak – a clear sign in this species that something is not quite right. Jenny at ARC did a great job feeding up and quarantining this chap for 10 days. He’s now with us to gain some more weight and improve his waterproofing.

The second guillemot was oiled and weighed only 550g on arrival. Before we could tackle washing the oil from his weathers we had to stabilise him. Initially he was too weak to eat much so we opted to tube feed vital fluids into him. For the next 4 days he was kept under heat and his appetite returned. On Wednesday he underwent his first wash – this is him pictured drying.

Thank you to everyone who helped update our old equipment by donated new.

* photo taken during regular checks to ensure the bird was not over heating or too close to the fan heater used to dry him.